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Academic Editing

I am a skilled writer and editor, and I have published many articles, policy reports, and other forms of written material. I am on the editorial board of the journal Politics, Groups, and Identities, and I review work for a variety of other journals as well. I also have considerable experience in one-on-one editing of materials including CVs, resumes, job market materials, book manuscripts, chapters, articles, policy reports, grant applications, and more.
My own research crosses a number of disciplines and methods, and I have experience editing materials across political science, psychology, Women's Studies, queer and feminist theories, sociology, and more. I am familiar with experimental design, survey research, American political development, content analysis, and other forms of both qualitative and quantitative research.
I provide this service at a sliding scale relative to one's position (e.g., graduate student vs. faculty, adjunct vs. tenure track, etc). Contact me for more information!



Logan has reviewed numerous internal and external grant applications for me. His feedback helped me identify and highlight the contributions of the project and, importantly, connect my work to research in other disciplines. This has been particularly useful for my survey experiments, where he has encouraged me to lay out and defend my expectations for each experimental condition. Logan's comments are always sharp, clear, and delivered in a very supportive manner. In addition to his editing, he has helped me integrate research on gender and sexuality into my political science classes. Here too he has shown a talent for incorporating insights from across academic disciplines and discussing complicated social phenomena with exceptional clarity.

Jennifer C., Assistant Professor of Political Science

New York City

Logan isn't just an outstanding writer and editor, he's also an innovative thinker. Logan has reviewed sections of my dissertation prospectus, and he provided invaluable feedback that strengthened my theoretical argument and clarity of writing. He's dependable and he's fun to work with on a variety of projects. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jennifer R., M.S., Psychology & Women's Studies

Seattle, WA

Logan has reviewed many of my academic articles and has always provided thorough feedback, demonstrating close attention to detail, and always offering constructive ideas. His own skill as a clear, direct writer has helped me become a clearer and more direct writer. I have no doubt that his editing has helped me get many of my articles published!

Raechel T., Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Women's & Gender Studies

Boston, MA

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  • the materials you would like reviewed (e.g., job market materials, grant applications, chapter draft)

  • the general topic, method, and discipline

  • the turn-around time desired

  • the type of feedback you would like (e.g., detailed line edits? big picture only?)

Please note, I reserve the right to decline service if I find that I cannot give your materials adequate attention in the time allowed, or if the topic is beyond my areas of expertise.

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