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Recent coverage of my research, consulting, or conversations with the press and the public.

My work or research has been covered by NBC, NPR, Politico, The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News,

Esquire, GQ, HuffPost, The Texas Tribune, The Advocate, The Washington Blade, and others.

You can also find me online on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Scholar

Speaking on Harvard LGBTQ Forum
Politico coverage
Vegas 2
Politico coverage
Vegas panel
Politico coverage
Parliament 3
Writing for Brookings Institute
Parliament presentation
Me & My Work In the News
(Non-HORP Related)

2018 - present



  • Co-signatory of Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court in Gloucester County School Board v. G.G.



Discrimination in America

A nine-part series with Harvard, NPR,

& Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

October-December 2017

Harvard series page & full reports and methodologies

NPR series page & coverage

Selected coverage below

  • Men (Report PDF)

  • Final Summary Report (Report PDF)

Politico/Politico Pro Partnership

(more info here; selected coverage listed below)

  • April 2017 - Americans' Views on Domestic Policies During President Trump's First 100 Days (report and topline here)

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