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In 2015, I conducted a project (coauthored with Andrew Reynolds) to examine the success rates of transgender and gender-variant candidates for office around the world. We developed an original dataset of nearly 130 unique candidates (as of Nov. 2015) over nearly 40 years representing at least 30 countries. I presented this research to the British Parliament, London School of Economics, and the 2015 International LGBT Leaders Conference.


I continue to catalog transgender candidates in the United States,

often with the help of people around the country who take the time to contact me. Thank you!

Notes for Journalists Covering Transgender Issues:
Please see GLAAD's Media Reference Guides on
transgender terminology and best practices for reporting.
List of Transgender &
Nonbinary U.S. Candidates

Candidacies - 2020: 23*** | 2019: 20 | 2018: 52 | 2017: 25

Victories - 2020: ? | 2019: 13 | 2018: 9 | 2017: 10

Last updated Saturday, February 1, 2020

10:00 am Central


NP=non-partisan race


***note these are announced candidacies;

not all individuals have yet filed or qualified to run.***


Pam Rocker (D)

U.S. Senate

Bre Kidman (D), identifies as nonbinary - Maine

Paula Overby - Minnesota

Danielle VanHelsing (I) - Maine

U.S. House

Stephanie Byers (D) - Kansas 86

Barbara Ramsey (D) - Nebraska 1

Monique Worthy (R) - Texas 13

State Senate

Melina Barratt - Florida 

Angela Bridgman (D) - North Carolina 18

Gray Ellis (D) - North Carolina 20

Amelia Marquez (D) - Montana 25

Sarah McBride (D) - Delaware

Shauna O'Toole (D) - New York 54

Davin Sokup (D) - Minnesota 20 (pictured above)

Erin Smith (R) - California 11

State House

Kristen Browde (D) - New York 93

Janelle Crossley (D) - Pennsylvania 199

Madi Eden (D) - Texas 17

Paige Kreisman (D) - Oregon 42

Addison Perry-Franks (D) - Texas 83

Jenifer Rene Pool (D) - Texas 138

Ramona Thomas (D) - Kentucky 28

City Council


Jill Rose Quinn (D) - Cook County IL, Circuit Court

Other Local Offices

Click here for a list of candidates who ran in 2019.

Click here for a list of candidates who ran in 2018.

Click here for a list of candidates who ran in 2017.

This is the policy report format of this research project, published in October 2015 by the LGBTQ Representation and Rights Research Initiative. The data regarding candidates (at the time of publication) is included in the report's appendix. If you know of someone we missed, please email me!

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