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Transgender Candidates



***This page contains data regarding transgender and nonbinary candidates

for political office in the U.S. in 2017. Click here for the current list.***

In this 2015 project originally conducted with Andrew Reynolds, we examined the success rates of transgender and gender-variant candidates for office around the world. We developed an original dataset of nearly 130 unique candidates (as of Nov. 2015) over nearly 40 years across 30 countries and counting. I have presented this research to the British Parliament, London School of Economics, and the 2015 International LGBT Leaders Conference.


I continue to catalogue transgender candidates in the United States.

This project has received press coverage, catalogued below.

Danica Roem's victory
Esquire coverage
Andrea Jenkins' victory
2015 Report cover
Vegas panel
Parliament panelists
Parliament 3
Parliament presentation
Notes for Journalists Covering Transgender Issues:
Please see GLAAD's Media Reference Guides on
transgender terminology and best practices for reporting.
I would also be happy to speak with you about recommended practices for covering or discussing LGBTQ people and issues. 
List of Transgender or Nonbinary U.S. Candidates

2017 Candidacies: 25

2017 Victories: 10

Note: Candidates only included in above count if they make it

to the primary election. Others who announced but did not file

or make it to ballot are listed below the list of counted candidates.


*=victories/elected to office

NP=non-partisan race

State House

*Danica Roem (D) - Virginia Delegates 13 - WON


Henry Sias (D) - Philadelphia PA (lost primary in June)


Sophie Hawes-Tingey (D) - Midvale UT (lost in Nov)

Kristen Browde (D) - New Castle NY (lost in Nov)

City Council

*Phillipe Cunningham (DFL) - Minneapolis MN 4 - WON

*Andrea Jenkins (D) - Minneapolis MN 8 - WON (pictured above)

Chris King (I) - Galesburg IL 6 (lost election in April)

*Stephe Koontz (NP) - Doraville GA 3 - WON

Marina Mangiaracina - Oklahoma City OK 7 (lost primary in Feb)

*Raven Matherne (Reform) - Stamford CT - WON

Mac McGregor (NP) - Seattle WA 8 (lost primary in Aug)

*Lisa Middleton (NP) - Palm Springs CA - WON

Persephone Smith (Green) - Brooklyn, NY 37 (lost election in Nov)

Mel Wymore (D) - New York City, NY 6 (lost primary in Aug)

School Board

Johnny Boucher (NP) - Grand Prairie TX 4 (lost election in May)

*Gerri Cannon (NP) - Somersworth NH - WON 

Shannon Cuttle (NP) - identifies as nonbinary - South Orange-Maplewood NJ (lost in Nov)

Sandra Faye Dunn (NP) - Amarillo TX (lost election in May)

Cassandra Martineau (Green) - Windham CT (lost in Nov)

*Jacquelyn Ryan (NP) - Southbridge MA - WON (election in June)

Josie Simonis (NP) - Portland OR 6 (lost election in May)

*Tyler Titus (D) - Erie PA - WON

Misc Other Local Offices

Devin Hogan (NP) - identifies as nonbinary - Parks and Rec Board, Minneapolis MN (lost in Nov)

*Cassandra Martineau (Green) - Zoning Board of Appeals, Windham CT (WON as write-in candidate for Alternate seat)

Monika Nemeth (D) - Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3F06, Washington DC (lost in late Nov)

Former candidates (not included in count)

  • Payton McGarry (NP) withdrew from City Council race in Greensboro, NC 3 before election

  • Reed Steberger (D) - Tompkins County Legislature 4, Ithaca, New York. Identifies as non-binary. Withdrew from race prior to primary.

Others of interest (not included in count)

  • Phillip Garcia - Philadelphia PA, Judge of Elections, Ward 21, Division 10. Was elected with one vote (their own) as a write-in candidate.

  • Rachael Rose Luckey (NP) - Neighborhood Council, Rampart Village CA. Was elected to council as an at-large member, but was elected by members of council, not a general election.

Policy Report

This is the policy report format of this research project, published in October 2015 by the LGBTQ Representation and Rights Research Initiative. The data regarding candidates (at the time of publication) is included in the appendix. 

Presentations & Press Coverage




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